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“I was only a child when, for the first time my eyes met yours. You were the most wonderful creature I had ever met and for a few seconds you shared with me the river’s song. Then, trotting, you disappeared in the forest and I was left alone to follow you with my imagination. To you, wolf, I dedicate my research work.”

My name is Claudia Fugazza and I’ve grown up with my family dogs, who taught me how to love and respect animals.

I gave up my previous job to dedicate myself to my real passion: the study of dogs and wolves ethology.

I have a Degree in Dog Breeding and Dog Training Techniques, a Master in Ethology of Companion Animals and a Master in Dog Training (University of Pisa – Italy) and a PhD in Ethology.

During my PhD I conducted research on social learning and imitation in dogs with Prof. Ádám Miklósi at the Eötvös Lorand University in Budapest.

Now I work as a Researcher at the Department of Ethology at Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest) and I conduct research on dogs’ social cognitive abilities.

I have also worked as a Dog Trainer in Happy Dog School (Como) where I gave courses and counseling on dogs’ behavioral problems

I teach social learning in dogs at the University of Pisa and Padova and give several seminars on this topic. [youtube][/youtube]

I wrote a book and DVD on social learning in dog training: “DO AS I DO – Il cane impara guardandoci” edited by Haqihana, translated also in English by Dogwise, in German and Russian by Dogfriend and in Spanish by Dogalia

I often give seminars on the use of Do as I Do in dog training and never give up the practice with dogs and owners, who are always my teachers.IMG_9958bis


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14 thoughts on “Claudia Fugazza

  1. Dear Helena,
    We will give a seminar in Sweden in March 2016!
    You will find the event in this website, in the page ‘seminar and events’ 🙂
    Hope to see you there!

  2. Dear Claudia,
    I have enjoyed your seminar in Holland so much!! I was the lady with the red merle Australian Shepherd called Banner.
    I am so inspired by you that I was wondering if it would be possible to learn how to become a Do as I Do trainer myself, so I can do this on my dogschool in the future. Do you know if there are educations for this? I do not mind to travel to Italy for it.
    I am really looking forward to your answer.
    Warm regards,

  3. Ciao Claudia
    I live in the US and wonder if its possible for you to mail only your book in Italian to me? If you could do this, could you let me know what I need to do to get the book? If the book and DVD in Italian are a set, can you let me know if its possible to mail to the US?


  4. Hi Claudia..I have just watched through your DVD….really interesting (I have worked with great apes and dolphins…and certainly they have the have now demonstrated so well in dogs)

    I was interested in how quickly the dogs seem to generalise the principal. Is this common?


  5. Hello Claudia. I am Helena 🙂 I have a dog-school on the west-coast of sweden. The other dag Per Jensen, famous ethologist in sweden had a course at my dog-school. He mentioned your methods and show same clip. I was stunned, I would love to learn and teach your method in sweden. Do you already have Contacts here? is it possible to get a licens for your method. As you know sweden is a tiny country and the competision concerning dogs is very big. If you work whit dogs here you need to come upp whit new things all the time. This is the first time I feel that this is really something i like to try out and teach. Hope you will have time and interst to concider this. Apologies for my englisch, hope it make sense 🙂
    All the best
    Du & Din Hund ( You and your dog)

  6. Hi Claudia , my sister and i attended your seminar at Atherton in the Guide Dog Center and very much enjoyed the course and your presentation and i would like to send you a email with much more detail and suggestions to offer you and your family a visit to South Africa and some work with you on your program ,Regards Roy

  7. Hi Claudia many many thanks for your recent seminar held in Atherton UK ,very professional very informative , no wasted time and lots of patience with the audience and especially those who brought their dogs , i would like to contribute to your program and have a number of suggestions and propositions , i would like to communicate with you once i return to South Africa 20/1/14 ,please let me know if this is the correct format to do this

    Regards Roy Chilton

  8. Hi Claudia,

    we run a dogschool in Salzburg/Austria and would be really interested in organizing a few seminars with you. What would be your conditions?

    All the best


  9. Hello Claudia! I loved the “Do As I Do” DVD in English and am very excited about what you have discovered! I am so glad you are studying this subject. I am a positive reinforcement clicker trainer in Portland, Oregon. Is it the case that I would need to travel to Italy to have my dog tested by you?

    Also, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you in any way. I speak French and English fluently, as well as German, Spanish, and I am now learning Italian. I have a degree from UC Berkeley and have lived in Paris and Vienna. I would love to be a part of what you are doing if it could be at all helpful to you… I am extremely excited by what you’re working on! I also greatly appreciate the fact that you are taking a scientific approach to your pursuits. The science behind it is so exciting!

    Keep up the great work,
    Dana Gray

  10. I think what you do is fabulous, interesting & “out of the box”.. I am working with my “very savvy” Australian Cattle Dog, and love teaching “do-it”, she is catching-on, and I am too!!
    I am trying to get my APDT -dog training group to purchase your DVD’s ..
    We meet once a month and devour continuing education material.
    Please keep me on your mailing list..
    Boynton Beach, Florida

  11. Thank you for this DVD! This is so exciting to have this unique information! I really appreciate you sharing it! I think my dogs will appreciate me getting smarter, too.

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